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A dazzling diamond ring, shining the light of love. Love each other for life will gather in dazzling diamond replica van cleef earrings which let her natural beauty glow like diamonds as a unique light show a distinctive charm, Classic four-prong setting, simple classic streamlined contours such as copper surrounded by his arms, she would […]

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There is a book it is written that “real elegant women just need a beautiful pearl”, the pearl can bring the wearer’s beauty and charm replica van cleef alhambra clover necklace, a symbol of happiness and noble. Pearl, mellow color, seemingly plain, but the release of a low-key noble qualities. Pearls give women elegance, in […]

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2016 Western Easter comes, people will think of all kinds of eggs, colorful hand-painted Easter eggs make fun. Russian jewelry designer egg element into the van cleef diamond bracelet replica inside, jewelry eggs become a classic design. Now only seen in pictures or museum. Russia set design Peter is interested in jewelry design, by chance, […]

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Once there was a king, he has a big diamond royal generations. The king of fake van cleef & arpels clover ring on the museum, to all exhibitions. One day, a soldier urgent report said the King, without anyone touching the diamond, the diamond own fragmentation. The king went to look, indeed as the soldiers […]